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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Early morning picture from the front of our house.  

Flying Drone Used To Search For Walking Sticks

Thought I would post a picture I created using the the Phantom 2 drone flying over eastern Kentucky searching for potential locations to search for walking sticks.  Kentucky Walking Sticks

Using A Drone To Search For Walking Stick "Blanks"

I am expecting delivery of a new tool for stick hunting today.  I purchased quad copter (DJI Phantom 2) from China.  The quad comes equipped with video camera that transmits video to my smart phone.  I am hoping to be able to look for sticks growing in difficult places to access, without first climbing the hill side to look.  

It's really disheartening to climb the side of a huge steep hill and no sticks.

What are your thoughts?

Kentucky Walking Sticks

Bugs! Bugs! Can be a problem for sticks stored in the barn loft.  The worms eat on the sticks while in storage, however once the walking stick is finished ans sealed with polyurethane, most of the worms die, but I have been having a slight problem with a  few tough guys.   Any suggestions?